Founded in Ocean City, Maryland, in 2021, SeaMark, LLC has sought to integrate critical oceanographic and weather data for offshore fishing into an easy-to-use and well-designed interface. Utilizing a subscriber-based model, SeaMark is building not only an outstanding product and service but also an expanding network of users within the recreational sportfishing community.

Team Introduction

Founded by long-time friends who have sought to combine their expertise in both fishing and cartography, SeaMark is poised to become the most innovative tech start-up that the recreational sports fishing market has ever seen.


What’s Included

  • Sea Surface Temperature imagery (and the ability to overlay it with chlorophyll)
  • Chlorophyll imagery (and the ability to overlay it with SST)
  • Data as to ocean current movement
  • Data as to wave height and period
  • Marine weather data
  • NOAA forecasts
  • Access to, and the ability to participate in subscriber forums 

Why Choose SeaMark?

  • SeaMark allows subscribers to overlay any sea surface temperature and chlorophyll data that SeaMark has on demand.
  • SeaMark has its own built-in subscriber based forum for obtaining real-time information from other subscribers.
  • Instead of having to go to multiple apps to access reliable data, it will all be in one easily accessible place

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