Headshot of Connor Neville

Connor grew up visiting Ocean City, Maryland as a child & was able to call that beloved-shoreline “home” around his high school years, where he and his brother Garrett both forged a deep friendship with Spencer. One of Connor’s areas of expertise relates to spatial analysis and cartographic design (GIS mapping), which serves as an integrative skillset to apply in various disciplines. For SeaMark, that translates to crafting the mapping interface, geospatial data analysis, and custom chart production. Connor has always loved fishing, boats, and the overall culture & sense-of-place that recreational sports fishing brings to a coastal community. By offering precision mapping data, beautiful maps, and a one-of-a-kind platform for building up the fishing community, SeaMark’s mission fulfills a central passion for Connor, which is to “take dominion over the fish of the sea.” (Genesis 1:28)